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Полезная информация
Как находить и добывать золото в Канаде.

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Полная версия новости
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24 января, 2006 (вторник, 00:27)
Попытки добыть золото в Канаде

Попытки организовать добычу россыпного золота

1. Owner has several placer gold claims /test proven i n the Barkerville area ofB.C Canada/all have good access /water/excellent for the serious miner or hobby.There are 4 claims on the famious Cunningham Creek bulk and hand testing has been done over the past 15 years 800 yd bulk test yielded 32 ozs. with a crude wash plant hand tests were equally as good price is $ 55k Fraser River one claim excellent fine gold with some nuggets of gold and platnium price is $15k also have other ground available. I stake claims and do consulting @ $ 500 per claim as Ihave 30 yrs.in the area

2. These claims are a rare find in the Dawson City area, as they are close to town and are proven, to produce gold. These claims cover almost four miles of creek bed all of which show good potential for gold production. Carmacks fork, is a tributarty of Bonanza creek, right in the heart of the Klondike and it''''s head waters join up with many other famous creeks in the area such as Hunker, Gold Bottom, Last Chance, and Home Stake. To date there has only been machine mining on two claims and both claims have proven to produce good gold different sizes, from fine to one ounce nuggets. This is very shallow ground, on average ten feet with a good portion of it not froze. There is plenty of water to sluice even on the driest of seasons. From the mining that we have done to date, and the drill reports that we have on this property all of the claims are gold producers, with mastodon ivory as a bonus. There is a current water license and land use permit in place so the mining could start without delay. The only reason we are selling this ground is we have more than we can mine in our life time. For Photos of our mining go to the link webshots.com/use/northernbarb We are asking $350,000.00 for this package,

3. YUKON'S LARGEST PLACER GOLD MINE: This modern turn key operation has been operating in the same location for 24 years and has identified another 30 to 40 years of contiguous resources. In addition there is 15 miles of tributary streams with exploration potential. Modern 20 man single and married quarters self contained camp, 16 pieces of major construction equipment with abundant auxiliary service equipment and extensive infrastructure. There is ample opportunity for expansion with limited additional equipment. Interested parties must be able to demonstrate financial capability.

4. Course gold in the creek was discovered near the turn of the century. During what is known as the Big Bend Gold Rush. This creek is known as one of the important placer creeks in the Big Bend gold region. The historical name for this creek is Smith or Gafney creek. The current name of this placer gold creek is Kirbyville. Named after an old miner's town near it's headwaters. Records indicate that this creek has produced several thousands of ounces of gold. The actual total amount is unknown but nuggets between one and three ounces have been reported in the discovery years. Most of this production was from the lower reaches of the creek, in an area now covered by Lake Revelstoke. Large boulders that has hampered past mining efforts are still concentrating gold on the upper reaches, within the claim area. This leaves the possibility of discovering large gold nuggets very good, even today.

GEOLOGY: The claim is underlain by metasediments of the Shuswap Metamorphic Complex. Glacial till and course alluvium cover 95% of claim. The creek is very dynamic and moves a large amount of gravel every year. Underlying rocks in the area belong to the Upper Proterozoic Horsethief Creek Group. They consist of calcareous pelitic schists, amphibolites, marbles and quartzites. The placer gold occurs as coarse grains and nuggets close to the bedrock and as fine colors in the gravels and surface soil. The gold is also angular and slightly porous. The source of the gold seems to be derived and concentrated from the reworking of glacial till.

MINERALIZATION: Course gold is found on a blue clay layer (false bedrock). Smaller flakes and fine gold is distributed in all other gravels.
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